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July, 2007

07_31_07 Alphabet Rock

Oh. Hello there. If you came to the Mercury Lounge show this Friday. THANK YOU! If not…well, what’s to say really? Maybe next time?

July may be scooting out the door with a wild look in it’s eye, but the summer isn’t over yet. Take a peak at our shows page because in the next few weeks every city we play in will either start with an A or a B. Really though.

07_24_07 SPIN DOT COM



07_23_07 Insound Judgement

As of today, we’re one of the top 10 highest selling albums on INSOUND. We don’t know long that’ll last, but we’re soaking it up while it does.

Don’t forget: Friday at the Mercury Lounge we’ll be taking you to wanton, unbridled emotional peaks. The heavenly gates open at 9. We’ll take the stage at 10:30. C U THR.

07_12_07 Has the World Gone Crazy?

So, monday morning, July 9th, 12:00 AM we release our first music video to the unsuspecting world. To you, all our friends. We simply emailed the link to you. And you — being respectable, patriotic, well-groomed youths — passed it on to everyone you know. All your friends, in turn, passed it along as well. Four days later, we find ourselves flabbergasted by some of the places this video has turned up, as well as what everyone has had to say about it. God bless YouTube. God bless you. God bless America. But most importantly…God bless Marc Summers.

Last night we had the extreme pleasure of sharing the stage with Le Loup at DCists 6th Annual Unbuckled concert at DC9 in our nation’s capitol. We had a freakin’ rad time. Thanks to Amanda and DCist for inviting our asses down. The place sold out in nothing flat and the room was pizzacked (that’s “packed” to the layman).

Check out our press section and take a look at the large collection of really nice things people have mistakenly said about us in the past three days. Don’t worry bloggers, we know this is only a momentary lapse of judgement. We won’t hold it against you when you come to your senses. We’ll always have Paris.

07_05_07 America Is…

A very happy fourth of July to all of those who love freedom…or at least fireworks and hot dogs.

We have new shows coming up! the good folks at INSOUND asked us to play their pre-Siren Fest partay at Union Pool, and we’ve got a huge Mercury Lounge show toward the end of the month. Tell your friends. Tell their friends. Tell your enemies too.

We’ve also got a big surprise lined up for you next week. It involves over 75 laborers, 3,000 feet of high-tension cable, and an aging moose with a death wish. This has absolutely nothing to do with our band.