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July, 2008

07_27_08 The Shop Returns!

Well, wouldn’t you know it? The week we release our new EP, Paypal changes their system, wreaking havoc all across the webersphere. Our little band shop was not exempt and had a bit of a bug, but with a li’l TLC and a defibrillator we’ve got the shop back up and running, so now you can purchase our new Trials EP along with all of our other rad stuff right here on our site with no more fuss.


07_23_08 Trials Release!

So at long last, we’re releasing our 3 song EP today. It’s entitled “Trials,” and you can download the new single, “Evening Life” (as well as read a long and pretentious explanation of what the song is about) at STEREOGUM

Go download it and comment something nice, if you please!

You can also stream the entire EP on our MUSIC PAGE and our MYSPACE. It will be up for sale later today on INSOUND. We’re currently experiencing a glitch with the store on our site, but once we figure that out we’ll have it up for sale there as well! In the meantime, have a listen on our myspace or website and let us know what you think!

07_17_08 Any Day Now!

Trials cover artWe’ve wrapped up mixing and sent our baby off to mastering. Now we’re whiling away the hours until our new EP, Trials, makes it back in one glorious, crunchy piece. “But can you tell us anything about it,” you ask? Why certainly. How about the track listing? If any of you overwhelmingly attractive folks have seen us perform in the past few months, you’ll recognize track one as “Sarah,” track two as “Evening Life” or “Parties” and track three as “Trials.” If you haven’t realized, the above image is the album artwork. When we release (hopefully this week) we’ll be releasing primarily through our website and Insound as we did with our last album, but it will be followed as soon as is bureaucratically possible by getting it up on iTunes and Amazon, along with our full length A Few More Published Studies. ‘Bout time right?

Big thanks to Britt at Great City Productions for all the tracking, mixing, and producing. Hats off.

07_17_08 Nashville Scene

Nashville SceneLike Electric Light Orchestra scored by Queen while The New Pornographers look on, Brooklyn quartet XYZ Affair bring a dramatic flair to their gilded melodies. Frontman Alex Feder’s fluttering tenor and mannered delivery recall New Pornos’ Carl Newman, particularly when the backing harmonies swell. The band’s educationally themed debut full-length, A Few More Published Studies, matches its baroque pop style with lyrical richness, and the slightly precious air is leavened by chewy, propulsive rhythms.

-Chris Parker