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January, 2008

01_19_08 FLAGPOLE (Athens, GA)

“With choruses heavy on vocal harmonies, Brooklyn band The XYZ Affair–Alex Feder, Chris Bonner, Sam Rockwell and Russ Maschmeyer–borrows the best of sweet, singalong pop to endear listeners to its muscular indie-rock. A Few More Published Studies is the new album, and it sounds a little like the Beach Boys with some serious balls.”

01_19_08 AMP CAMP

“What does the XYZ Affair do? The XYZ Affair makes big songs. The Brooklyn band’s debut album has enough screamy guitars, scream-along choruses and just plain flat-out screamishness to fill a band twice as big as their four members. With choruses of multi-tracked background vocals, synthscapes, alternately choppy and wailing guitars and anthemic meolodies, the band isn’t waiting until they blow up to start sounding explosive.”

“…like any good rock and roll band, they know how to milk the tension between the “ooo, aaa” sweetness of falsetto backing vocals and the punishing grandeur of distorted power chords. I hearby proclaim the XYZ Affair jukebox-ready.”

01_10_08 Happy New Year! Love-fest to Ensue.

Happy New Year Everybody! Pardon our long absence from the news world. We’ve had a great end to what was a great year! 2007 saw a lot of firsts for us. We sold out the Mercury Lounge for the first time (then proceeded to do it repeatedly afterward). We went on tour for the first time (sure, it was only 10 days… but we did a lot of driving!). We also released our first music video (In which we got slimed by Mark Summers… another first!). So all in all, 2007 sits high on our list. 2008 has some tough competition.


01_03_08 Flavorpill

“Their self-released debut, A Few More Published Studies, is rousing, literate indie rock, custom-made for swaying and singing along.” – Leah Taylor

01_03_08 L Magazine

“An unsigned band from here in Brooklyn, the XYZ Affair does quirk-pop incredibly well.”