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April, 2008

04_24_08 New things in… STORE?

Bad puns aside, we have some new posters for sale! Designed by Russ (keyboard/guitar) and hand-printed by the band using the age-old technique of silk-screening, they’re a slick addition (or start) to any concert poster collection. We’ve got two designs up, each a limited edition series that we’re running in small numbers to start. Head to the store or check out the designs after the jump…

04_18_08 It’s in the works

We’re working on a new EP! It’s taken three weeks but we’ve got some good new material. If we were an easily satisfied band, we would have had a whole album’s worth of new songs by now, but alas, we’re not an easily satisfied band. We’ll be wrapping up the writing sessions, do a couple demos and head to the studio mid-May after our short east coast tour to work with Britt Myers who mixed our last album. It Promises to be a solid endeavor.

In other news we’ll soon have some new merch in the merch section, so keep your eyes peeled for that!