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12_22_09 Raise a glass to all of my friends

Dear Fans and Friends,

After 8 years together, The XYZ Affair has come to a somewhat strange end. I always figured we would go out with a big bang in some way or another. In truth, I somewhat assumed that our upcoming album might be that big bang: after a lot of years of work and making music together, I wanted this band to make an album that would either push us to the next level or serve as a proud swansong. However, as work on the album progressed, the band process changed. What used to be a steady process by set individuals had now become something more fluid, involving a revolving door of people. I have always put a lot of weight on The XYZ Affair as a BAND. The individual personalities of each band member makes us who we are. To continue calling this entity The XYZ Affair felt wrong on a variety of levels, so we have decided to move on.
The album that I and we have been working on this fall is still going to be released, however it will not be an album by The XYZ Affair, but rather the start of something new. This change of course will probably delay things by a month or two, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for details of what’s to come. A lot of hard work has been put into these songs and I am beyond excited to get them out there for everybody to hear.
On a final and very important note: thank you. We have been doing this a LONG time and you guys have been amazing throughout. We’ve developed a serious XYZ family over the years who have put a lot into supporting us, and we can’t thank you enough for how awesome that has felt. It quite literally would have been impossible for us to maintain this for as long as we have if it weren’t for you guys.
Alex Feder
The XYZ Affair

09_23_09 Wowee Zowee!

Man, we’re really close to our goal and it’s only been about a week. Keep spreading the word! Once we pass our goal, the more money we make the closer we’ll be to cranking out our new album. I wish I could remember that speech that Slater gives on SBTB when The Max is going to be shut down and he comes and saves the day at their fundraiser, but I can’t. So instead I’ll just say thank you! Keep it going!

09_14_09 Support XYZ as we record our new album!

img_8171Hey everybody! So as many of you are aware, XYZ will be heading back into the studio this fall to record our second ever full length album. If you’d like to help us along in our recording process (and get cool prizes and rewards in return), go to

Thank you guys so much! We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the help and support of friends and fans, and we are beyond excited to make this album and have you hear it.

07_07_09 Summer, Summer, Summertime, Time to Sit Back and Unwind

alex-mjAt some point we must have gotten our seasons backwards, because now has most certainly not been a time of unwinding! We had three awesome shows with Wheat last week (looking forward to a fourth in Boston on August 1!), we’re working hard on new songs to get our second ever full length together for a fall start date, and we’re working on not one but TWO new music videos to go along with our 2 Summer Jams. In addition, keep an eye out for the second installment, Summer Jams 2, to be released in the very near future. Philly, DC, and Boston, — we’re coming to you in the next few weeks (in that order)!

05_15_09 Hello, Washington Times

We had a sweet little write up in the Washington Times today, written by Andrew Leahey, also of All Music Guide. Check it out!

Washington Times Article

And may we remind you once again, don’t forget about our two remaining residency shows at Pianos on the 18th and 25th! See you there!

05_14_09 Heeb Interviews Alex “Chutzpa” Feder

Check out the Interview over at Heeb HQ:

Don’t forget the second week of our Piano’s residency is this coming Monday night with special guests Maricopa!

05_08_09 Free New Songs! Stereogum! Piano’s Residency! DC!!!

summerjam2_v4Wow, lots of stuff going on. Okay, first and foremost, we have two new songs which we released today. They are FREEEEE.  You can download them on our myspace page,, and they’ll be up on this site within the next 24 hours.  Also, you can download them (and read a very kind review) here:


Awesome! Second, our 3 week Piano’s Residency starts THIS MONDAY! We’ll be appearing with with Action Painters. Show starts at 10, XYZ at 11. Only $5!!!  Once again, we’ll be playing this Monday, May 11, as well as Monday the 18, and the 25. We’ll also be in DC on Thursday May 21 with our friends Deleted Scenes. Download the songs FOR FREE, pass them along, and come see us play!

05_03_09 New Singles & Twittering!

We’re now Tweeting on America’s favorite new way to avoid work at all costs! If you have a Twitter account, you can follow us by visiting this link right here and clicking “follow” under our profile picture.

Also, don’t forget we have our Piano’s residency coming up this next Monday, May 11th, 18th, and 25th. We’ll be releasing two new singles on Stereogum next week, which will be available for free download though our website as well as Stereogum. We’ve worked long and hard on these and we’re really excited to finally share them with you. We’ll also be playing them live at Piano’s, so keep them on repeat so you can sing along at our Pianos shows!

Keep checking back!

04_11_09 Spring, Summer, and a Residency!

Photo by BJ Barratt

Photo by BJ Barratt

So far, 2009 has been a pretty quiet year for The XYZ Affair, and frankly we’ve had enough of that. Observe this amazing check list:
1. We’ll be playing a 3 week long residency at Pianos on May 11, May 18, and May 25, sponsored by our friends at Oh My Rockness.
1a. We’ll be releasing 3 new songs, and debuting a few even newer songs at the shows.
1b. We’ll be playing with amazing bands, including Frances, Maricopa, and Action Painters. Check our shows section for more details.

2. In the midst of all that we’ll be playing a DC show with our friends Deleted Scenes on Thursday May 21 at the Black Cat Backstage.

C. We’ll be playing a few shows with the ever amazing Wheat this summer.

New songs, new recordings, hopefully a new video or two, and lots of shows in the Northeastern part of this country all summer long. Exciting times to come, folks. Check back here often, as there will be a lot going on.

10_19_08 CMJ is nigh! Nigh I tell you!

With only one more week before the epic fest that is the CMJ Music Marathon, we’ve been in non-stop training montage mode. We’re getting a little tired of listening to “4 Minutes” on loop, but it gets the juices flowing and we’ve got a lot of courthouse stairs to climb. We’ve also been working on some demos for new material which we’re hoping to put to “Montreal Tape” in November.

We’re heading out on the road just after CMJ, so take a look at our shows page and get the scoop on when we’ll be rolling into your town (most likely in need of auto repair, so have directions to the nearest Pep Boys ready, would you?). We’ll be covering much territory in a very short time, going all the way up to Minnesota, out to Denver, and down to Orlando all within a couple weeks. So get ready.