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December, 2009

12_22_09 Raise a glass to all of my friends

Dear Fans and Friends,

After 8 years together, The XYZ Affair has come to a somewhat strange end. I always figured we would go out with a big bang in some way or another. In truth, I somewhat assumed that our upcoming album might be that big bang: after a lot of years of work and making music together, I wanted this band to make an album that would either push us to the next level or serve as a proud swansong. However, as work on the album progressed, the band process changed. What used to be a steady process by set individuals had now become something more fluid, involving a revolving door of people. I have always put a lot of weight on The XYZ Affair as a BAND. The individual personalities of each band member makes us who we are. To continue calling this entity The XYZ Affair felt wrong on a variety of levels, so we have decided to move on.
The album that I and we have been working on this fall is still going to be released, however it will not be an album by The XYZ Affair, but rather the start of something new. This change of course will probably delay things by a month or two, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for details of what’s to come. A lot of hard work has been put into these songs and I am beyond excited to get them out there for everybody to hear.
On a final and very important note: thank you. We have been doing this a LONG time and you guys have been amazing throughout. We’ve developed a serious XYZ family over the years who have put a lot into supporting us, and we can’t thank you enough for how awesome that has felt. It quite literally would have been impossible for us to maintain this for as long as we have if it weren’t for you guys.
Alex Feder
The XYZ Affair