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September, 2009

09_30_09 Wowee Zowee pt. 2

Wooooow. Everybody has been amazing! We have already reached our goal with a lot of time to spare, but we are definitely going to keep pushing. In truth, making an album from start to finish costs significantly more than our goal, which we set in place in the hopes that we would get help with a portion of the process (pressing and publicity, to be specific). You guys have been shockingly generous, and we hope you will continue to be generous until the project ends on November 14th! We are determined to make the new album our best work yet, and with your help its looking more and more possible to shoot for the stars. THANK YOU! Keep passing along the link until November 14th!

09_23_09 Wowee Zowee!

Man, we’re really close to our goal and it’s only been about a week. Keep spreading the word! Once we pass our goal, the more money we make the closer we’ll be to cranking out our new album. I wish I could remember that speech that Slater gives on SBTB when The Max is going to be shut down and he comes and saves the day at their fundraiser, but I can’t. So instead I’ll just say thank you! Keep it going!

09_14_09 Support XYZ as we record our new album!

img_8171Hey everybody! So as many of you are aware, XYZ will be heading back into the studio this fall to record our second ever full length album. If you’d like to help us along in our recording process (and get cool prizes and rewards in return), go to

Thank you guys so much! We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the help and support of friends and fans, and we are beyond excited to make this album and have you hear it.