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April, 2009

04_11_09 Spring, Summer, and a Residency!

Photo by BJ Barratt

Photo by BJ Barratt

So far, 2009 has been a pretty quiet year for The XYZ Affair, and frankly we’ve had enough of that. Observe this amazing check list:
1. We’ll be playing a 3 week long residency at Pianos on May 11, May 18, and May 25, sponsored by our friends at Oh My Rockness.
1a. We’ll be releasing 3 new songs, and debuting a few even newer songs at the shows.
1b. We’ll be playing with amazing bands, including Frances, Maricopa, and Action Painters. Check our shows section for more details.

2. In the midst of all that we’ll be playing a DC show with our friends Deleted Scenes on Thursday May 21 at the Black Cat Backstage.

C. We’ll be playing a few shows with the ever amazing Wheat this summer.

New songs, new recordings, hopefully a new video or two, and lots of shows in the Northeastern part of this country all summer long. Exciting times to come, folks. Check back here often, as there will be a lot going on.