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CMJ is nigh! Nigh I tell you!

With only one more week before the epic fest that is the CMJ Music Marathon, we’ve been in non-stop training montage mode. We’re getting a little tired of listening to “4 Minutes” on loop, but it gets the juices flowing and we’ve got a lot of courthouse stairs to climb. We’ve also been working on some demos for new material which we’re hoping to put to “Montreal Tape” in November.

We’re heading out on the road just after CMJ, so take a look at our shows page and get the scoop on when we’ll be rolling into your town (most likely in need of auto repair, so have directions to the nearest Pep Boys ready, would you?). We’ll be covering much territory in a very short time, going all the way up to Minnesota, out to Denver, and down to Orlando all within a couple weeks. So get ready.

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