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TransmissionTragedy does not sleep in late. We made it to a motel around 3am Thursday morning and parked our weary hides in a motel 6 in Kearney, Nebraska. Apparently the person who pulled the fire alarm at 9am had not been informed that we hadn’t requested a wake up call. Subsequently — in a bold move of strategery — Russ’s camera crapped out on him, so there will be fewer photos from the road from here on out. And yet it doesn’t end there folks.

About 160 miles outside of Denver, our port of call for the evening, we pulled over to relieve ourselves and maybe throw a frisbee around. As Sam hopped back in the van to reverse her into a more advantageous spot, he hit the gas, but all he got was a lot of engine whirring. We realized we’d suddenly lost reverse. It dawned on us that we may be in serious trouble, so we all hopped back in, popped it back into drive and hit the highway, praying that we’d make it to Denver before the transmission dropped out the bottom of the van.

After a bit of scrambling, we found a transmission mechanic down the street from the venue in Denver. We pulled in to the shop just as the engine overheated and shut off. We’re getting a new transmission put in today. Hopefully it’ll be ready in time for us to make it to Salt Lake, but we’re pretty sure it won’t be. We’re pretty sure we’ll make it to Boise, but we’ll see what happens. Oh, calamity!

Updates to come…

2 Responses to “Calamity!”

  1. Uncle Elliot Says:

    Alex and company… Quite an adventure and experience as you travel the country. Stories to tell when we are all together in April. OK So the tranny crapped out after how many miles? Hope that you at least took advantage of the business card I gave you. Use it as you travel on. We will see what we can do about getting up to Nectars in Burlington. Its a legend of a place with Phish and many others starting off their. Will get the word to David and perhaps he and a lot of his friends at Burton wil get in to hear you.

  2. Uncle Luthier Says:

    Seems like you need to add Uncle Elliot and the Tele luthier to your road crew and all will be well with Le Complement and Le Guitars. Sorry, Sam, don’t know drum reskinning yet.

    Bring the Tele in April. I’ve got some new lutheir tools on order to try out.