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Georgia and Back!

There we were, in Duncan, South Carolina, waiting patiently for word on our van: the Compliment. We managed to push her off the highway to safety after she stalled in the middle of the fast lane. Over a ton and a half, but you wouldn’t have known it the way she glided into the shell station at the bottom of the hill (where Russ was subsequently stung by a bee).

This was the lowest point in our journey to Georgia this weekend, merely 10 hours into the trip. Luckily, the entire rest of the weekend was a wicked blast. We played to packed houses in both Athens and Atlanta, spent two nights with some lovely ladies and got the Compliment fixed just in time to drive her the 16 hours back to Brooklyn.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped set up the weekend as well as the Modern Skirts and The Old Ceremony for being the gentlemen they are and for showing us a good time and a good crowd. We’d do it all again in a heartbeat. Maybe we will.

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