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09_28_08 The New York Stage

This Wednesday we make our triumphant return to the new york stage after a 5 month hiatus to work on new material and pick our collective naval. We’re playing a double set with new songs, old favorites, and a surprise thrown in here and there. Don’t miss it!

Buy tickets here

08_25_08 We’re on iTunes!

iTunesWell the day finally has arrived! You can now purchase our full length, A Few More Published Studies, and our newest EP, Trials, on iTunes! Enjoy!

A Few More Published Studies

08_06_08 EVENING LIFE Video Debut!

Today we release the new music video for the single “Evening Life” off of our new EP, Trials. Check out our videos section or head to YouTube to leave a wicked-nice comment. Enjoy us dancing our hearts out like a bunch of shmucks!

Special thanks to Mariana Campos, Clair Levin, Alexis Miller, Masha Nepomniashchy (the girls!) as well as the directing team of Zac Nicholson, Tristan Cook, and Conor Dooley — Not to mention Elise Giannasi who did makeup (what, us wear make-up? We don’t know what you’re talking about…)

You might also want to check it out in hi-def on Stereogum!

-The XYZ Affair

07_27_08 The Shop Returns!

Well, wouldn’t you know it? The week we release our new EP, Paypal changes their system, wreaking havoc all across the webersphere. Our little band shop was not exempt and had a bit of a bug, but with a li’l TLC and a defibrillator we’ve got the shop back up and running, so now you can purchase our new Trials EP along with all of our other rad stuff right here on our site with no more fuss.


07_23_08 Trials Release!

So at long last, we’re releasing our 3 song EP today. It’s entitled “Trials,” and you can download the new single, “Evening Life” (as well as read a long and pretentious explanation of what the song is about) at STEREOGUM

Go download it and comment something nice, if you please!

You can also stream the entire EP on our MUSIC PAGE and our MYSPACE. It will be up for sale later today on INSOUND. We’re currently experiencing a glitch with the store on our site, but once we figure that out we’ll have it up for sale there as well! In the meantime, have a listen on our myspace or website and let us know what you think!

07_17_08 Any Day Now!

Trials cover artWe’ve wrapped up mixing and sent our baby off to mastering. Now we’re whiling away the hours until our new EP, Trials, makes it back in one glorious, crunchy piece. “But can you tell us anything about it,” you ask? Why certainly. How about the track listing? If any of you overwhelmingly attractive folks have seen us perform in the past few months, you’ll recognize track one as “Sarah,” track two as “Evening Life” or “Parties” and track three as “Trials.” If you haven’t realized, the above image is the album artwork. When we release (hopefully this week) we’ll be releasing primarily through our website and Insound as we did with our last album, but it will be followed as soon as is bureaucratically possible by getting it up on iTunes and Amazon, along with our full length A Few More Published Studies. ‘Bout time right?

Big thanks to Britt at Great City Productions for all the tracking, mixing, and producing. Hats off.

06_12_08 Hearts from the Music Hall

bonesThanks everyone who came out to our Music Hall show on Tuesday night despite the rain and the early evacuation of the Death Cab show at McCarren Pool. We we’re biting our nails there for a bit, but you guys showed up ready to be run over by the steel-belted radials of our rock. Thanks also to Michael Dote for taking some cool photos of the night (like the one above).

update: Michael interviewed Alex concerning his thoughts on intelligent pop music, the animal kingdom and what the “bottom five” is. Check it out


05_28_08 Paper or… Paper

Paper magIn light of our upcoming performance for Paper Magazine and the Guggenheim Young Collectors Council party, the illustriously hip rag saw fit to let us write an article for them on any subject we saw fit. We chose ice cream. And thus we give you The XYZ Affair’s Guide to New York Ice Cream Shops.

05_16_08 Master Fader

Britt in the studioWell, we’re back in the studio! This time we’re recording with Britt Myers (pictured) who mixed our last album. We hauled ourselves out of bed to start recording at nine this morning, starting of course with the drum and bass tracks. Britt is a very down to earth guy, just like you and me. When he wakes up in the morning he puts his pants on one leg at a time. The only difference is that once he’s got his pants on, he makes gold records.

We’re really excited about these new recordings. The drum tracks already sound amazing and all we’ve done is tracked them. We’re hoping to have the recording done by June 1st, but it may get pushed back into late June if our timing isn’t just right.

We’ll be documenting as much of the studio time as possible, so add the link below to your bookmarks and check back often.


05_13_08 Another Job Done!

Merc photosBryan Bruchman (aka Subinev) took some rad photos of Saturdays Mercury Lounge show for Prefix magazine. Check them out HERE.

On a related note, we just came off 10 days of touring with Jukebox the Ghost, which proved to be a great time! Along with “the Juke” we played for over 1,500 people in Baltimore, changed a number of tires, sampled a little southern hospitality and made up dirty lyrics to each others songs.